Hennessy Literary Awards 2019

What an incredible experience it was to attend the Hennessy Literary Awards on March 28th in Smock Alley. The event was like a graduation for me, it was that special. An occasion to celebrate all I have achieved.

I strayed into the world of poetry from the world of fiction two years ago and for a long time didn’t believe that my poems were ‘real’ poems. But apparently they are. Certainly real enough to be published in The Irish Times and real enough to be shortlisted for the Hennessy’s.

It was lovely to meet so many talented writers and poets on the night. The winners, Audrey Molloy, Colin Walsh and Eamonn Doggett were well chosen and all three were worthy of their awards. 

On the train up to Dublin to the awards, I wrote a poem, which sums up what the night meant to me:

I’ve been waiting

to put on my vintage waistcoat,
mustard blouse, tuxedo jacket,
black brogues, that I only dared
dream I might one day wear
and proudly proclaim my womanism.

I’ve been waiting to hold a balloon
glass of Hennessy in my hand
pose for the literary paparazzi,
shake hands with Facebook names.

I’ve been waiting all my life
to climb out of the undergrowth,
raise my head and exclaim,

“Here I am.”









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